You have just passed your driving test and are ready to get on the road. You may be wondering how you can be sure that you will learn the right way from your new driving instructor. Here are five important lessons to follow when hiring a new driving instructor:

Check if they have a professional driving instructor license.

When hiring a driving instructor, you should look at their professional driving instructor license. This is to ensure that the person you are hiring has been trained and qualified to teach others how to drive.

Additionally, it is important that your instructor has the necessary level of experience for teaching learner drivers. They should have at least one year’s experience as an instructor before taking on new students. If this isn’t possible then they should at least be able to provide references from previous employers or other people who can vouch for their ability as a driving instructor.

Next, check if they are up-to-date with all relevant training courses and qualifications so they don’t miss any vital information that may affect your safety while learning how to drive a car. Also check whether the person has any previous disciplinary issues which could affect their ability as an instructor since these would need investigating further before signing up with them so we recommend looking into these things beforehand so there aren’t any surprises later down the line!

Make sure they have the right level of experience.

Make sure the instructor has the right level of experience.

Experience is important because it allows instructors to teach you more quickly. They have more patience, energy and teaching techniques, which means they can help you learn faster than someone without much experience. If your instructor has taught many different people over long periods of time, they will know exactly how to handle every student’s needs and challenges (including yours).

Meet them in person before you hire them.

The best way to ensure that your new instructor is a good fit is to meet with them in person. This will give you an opportunity to see how they interact with other people, as well as their own students and instructors.

You may also want to ask them about their previous experience as a driving instructor and about any certifications or qualifications that they have.

Ask them to provide references.

Asking for references is something you should do whenever you are hiring someone to do a job. It’s also something your potential driving instructor will definitely expect you to do. The purpose of asking for references is so that you can see what other people say about him or her and whether they’re trustworthy or not.

It’s important that you ask for as many different types of references as possible:

  • from past clients (ask them if he/she was helpful)
  • from previous employers (ask if he/she did their job well)
  • from instructors (ask if they were good at explaining things)
  • from friends and family members who know him/her well (ask how trustworthy he/she is)

Check that they are up to date with their training.

The first thing to ask yourself is whether they have been on a recent training course. If they have not, then it’s important that you ask them why they are not up to date with their training. Drivers who have been through the right kind of training will be able to provide you with better service and advice than those who aren’t as well qualified.

Another consideration is whether or not your potential instructor has a current DBS check and first aid certificate, so make sure that this information is available before making any decisions regarding their employment. You should also check their driving licence status (to ensure that it’s valid), driver education qualification (to ensure that it’s valid), insurance details (to ensure that your lessons are covered) and any other qualifications/experience required for teaching people how best to drive safely in today’s busy world

You should always check their qualifications before hiring them to instruct you.

You should always check their qualifications before hiring them to instruct you. This means you should make sure that they have a professional driving instructor license, at least two years’ experience as a driving instructor and are registered with the Driving Standards Agency (DSA).

You should also meet them in person before hiring them, as this allows you to see whether or not they seem like someone who would be able to help you out with your driving. You can ask them for references from past learners and their previous employers if possible but make sure that these aren’t friends or family members of theirs because they may not give an honest opinion!

You may also want to ask whether they have any training courses up-to-date so that they understand how best to teach new drivers.


Before you sign up to have lessons with a driving instructor, it’s important that you do your research and make sure they are qualified. This will ensure that they have the right level of experience and knowledge to teach you safely.